As you could see lately, there haven’t been pretty much anything new in this site, except for some articles in Korean. In past months I dedicated myself purely to study of Korean, willing to narrow a gap between me and Korea. But now situation unwillingly changed and I’m forced to leave Korea to finish studies in Czech, after major problems occured during stay here. It’s significant since it’s not been planned and puts much constrains on me. None the less, I hope to overcome this nuisance and makes it happen in a short time once again. In Christmas vacation and finally from 21.2. I will be to reach back in home town.

Now, I wish to describe my daily life in Korea in a different way as an expresion of thanks to Pai Chai University and parents for a support.

Dear reader, please let me speak, now seated in front of window sipping a cup of Chinese Da Fang tea, laying down, placing on table before me - spectacles brought from Moravia, I nictate by eyes yet sticked together. It’s been almost a year since I experience this morning calm on a regular basis. After arrival, first prudent steps over Korean soil were made during early spring, when cherry trees were in high season.

As for living, I have chosen a dreamy place, not far from a silver stream which became river after rain and where herons and reed became my intimate friends. A house on the roof from where you can see the city spreading below. On the dawn, from kitchen, enjoying myself, I see mountains and there is nothing more beautiful than mountains in Korea. On the sunset, a forest of red shining church spires blaze up, a fire which can’t be extinguished by any rainstorm. It’s a land where the strangest tree of all grew out – cross. One can hardly count them, because they are numerous, nevertheless I did. Fourteen! Back from where I came we used to have just one, that serving all people.

I’m sitting here, me – European, studying a language with no ease, but I’m calm, I can hardly be more than a surprise, I can’t disappoint, only myself. The language where a few words have left from native proto-Korean origin, but acquired significant lexicon of Chinese and English. Entering Korea speechless I was suffo­cating by words, but what are words for if they are not Korean? Now I know Korean better and put it into practise.

Many aspects of Korean life are just opposite of what I have been used to. Taking from both cultures gives not a few creative solutions. Korea – former poor neighbour of two giants; an economic miracle as a product of it’s hard working people. I’m leaving without drawing any major conclusion. It’s my profound hope to dedicate myself to it in the future much more than now, after experiencing one year in Korea.


By this I also would like to announce that purpose of this blog will be altered to software engineering since I will continue study in this field soon. As for a korean matters, much work is pending, but let me be the first to proudly introduce, that we will soon be moving on a brand new place to deliver better user experiences. Keep in touch until then.


Once again, thank you for all and have a pleasant Christmas time.